half price books greenfield: Expectations vs. Reality

On the second Tuesday of every month, I host a half-price book sale at my local bookstore. Each month, I invite a wide range of authors to share their books with a select group of readers. I feel that it’s important for readers to have access to new authors that they may not otherwise have access to.

Book sales like this give me a chance to share my books with new readers and give them an opportunity to enjoy some great new work. But as with most things in life, it doesn’t always work out.

I got into a conversation with my friend and fellow writer-book seller, Paul, the other day and he told me that a writer who doesn’t sell a lot of books has to pay a lot of money to get his books picked up by a bookstore. He suggested to me that half the reason why some books take a long time to sell is that half the people who get them don’t read them.

I think that there are some books that really should have been re-published but weren’t. I think of The Hobbit as one of those. Granted, the book didn’t sell well but that doesn’t mean I didnt enjoy reading it. I did enjoy it, as it was one of the first time-travel thrillers that I came across. But that doesn’t mean I didnt like it. I just can’t say that I like it better than The Lord of the Rings.

I think that you could go a long way with any fantasy book. I mean, you could re-release the Hobbit, or The Lord of the Rings, or any of the other classics that I think of. Theyll sell well, itll take a long time, and itll be fun. And I’ll definitely recommend them to other people. But you can’t just call it a “half price book” and get them out of the store.

There are a lot of books out there on the market that are half price. And that’s fine. But I’m gonna call you out on that. A lot of the books that you see and are listed on Amazon are sold at the same price as the original book, not the half price. So if you want to get your hands on a book that’s half price, you’ll have to have the original book.

So you can get a bunch of greenfield books for half the price of a regular book? Hell, you could get an entire shelf full of books at the same price. I doubt that would be a problem though.

I think this has to do with Amazon’s current position as a bookselling site. They are pushing things as a product. Books are a good example of this. You can get a book at the same price as it was originally printed. If you buy a used book or a used book with a discount, then you are buying a copy of the original book. Amazon.com is a book selling site, so they want to charge as much as they can for books.

Amazon wants to charge a lot for books, and if you look at the prices of books that were previously on Ebay, then things have gotten pretty bad. Even if you were a big Ebay seller, you would still have to pay a lot to have a place like Amazon.com. Amazon wanted to show that they are doing something about this.

However, Amazon is not the only online book seller. Amazon has a monopoly on book sales on Amazon.com; booksellers, on the other hand, have to compete on price with the booksellers on their own site. So Amazon is willing to charge a lot for books, but they don’t have to.



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