Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your dog bunny ears

It’s the middle of summer, and since there’s no better time to get new dog ears than in the middle of the summer, I decided to whip up some summery “dog ears” for my best friends, the two-month-old Siamese, and myself.

I already had these earbuds from the new Zune, but theres no way they’re going to work on Siamese. They wont last more than 2 weeks, and then you’re just going to find that they’re not that cute anymore.

As for me, I just happened to have a pair of the more compact Zune earbuds on hand, so I used this to make the ears. I think they turned out pretty well! I like how they made it look like it was a pair of ears, instead of just one.

Just because youre going to like your ears looks doesnt mean theyre going to be as cute as the video. I think theres a good reason to not be a dog or a bunny, after all.

I think the earbuds are a great idea, but a few weeks should not be a problem. I’m sure the design team will have some new ideas up their sleeve to make your ears even more adorable. That’s what we’re all waiting for.

The video is a bit of a let down though. In the first few seconds the ears are way too cute. I wish they would just put the ears on the side like the ears in the video, instead of the top side. And it would be cool if they used some cute designs, but I cant help but think about the earbuds as a way to make your ears look longer and more realistic.

That’s not an easy problem to fix that. As you know, ears are generally made out of leather and are used a lot in many fashion styles. Not to mention that wearing earbuds is very uncomfortable, so most people would probably agree that the ears would be better off wearing earbuds on the side.

I know I have a lot of hate for earbuds. But they are a fashion trend that I think fits our current reality. I think a lot of my personal style is inspired by the earbuds. They’re comfortable, and they look cool, but I think the real problem lies in the fact that I don’t want people to see my ears, even if they’re cute.

I think earbuds are great. I think they represent the fact that we wear them so often that we don’t even notice that we are wearing them. I also think they are a fashion trend that should be encouraged. But I think there should be an easy way to switch to “bad style” and switch back to “good style” when the fashion dictates that you don’t.



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