How to Explain boji istanbul dog to Your Boss

boji istanbul dog is my favorite book about the ancient city of Boji (ancient city of the Persians). This book has great information about the city and how it was built, including a detailed look at the mounds. This is one book your mom definitely will be proud of you for reading.

The book is pretty awesome. It has a great history of the city and even the mounds in the city. This book also has a great interview with the author. I found this one especially interesting because it explains that the Persians who built the city were Persian soldiers. The city was built in honor of one of the best commanders in the area, the famous Persian general Gurgun, and one that the Persians considered very brave. He was a real hero.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but that’s one of those books that you have to read a few times to really get the details. The book itself is pretty awesome. There are pictures of the city in the book as well as lots of descriptions of this amazing city. The book also has lots of history on the Persians that it was one of the few cities not to be conquered by the Romans in their empire.

the book is written in Persian, which you can read in English here. It has a good amount of history on Gurgun and his career.

boji istanbul translates to “bogeyman” which is basically a ghost, but you can also see a lot of references to the book’s namesake. The book is about Gurgun, the author of the book, and his story. He was basically the first person that the Persians had to deal with, and is considered a great hero by the Persians due to his bravery in battle.

Gurgun is actually one of the most famous heroes of the book. He was known as an astute politician and statesman. He is also the only person to have been killed by the Persians, and the only person to have fallen in battle with them. This is why Gurgun is considered a modern-day version of David, and a great example of what a great hero should be.

Gurgun is a dog, and thus not as famous as people tend to think. That’s not to say he isn’t popular. He is the most popular dog in the world, and he is also a dog that is considered a hero by some Persians, which is probably why they elected him to lead the country.

Gurgun was an old dog from the Persian empire, and he and his band of followers fled to the city of Susa, now in Turkey, where he became a wealthy man. He even managed to get a boat made for himself, which was so big it couldnt be seen from the shore. After the Persian empire fell, Gurgun and his band of Persians decided to settle in the city of Boji, which is only a few days from Susa.

Gurgun and his band of Persians went on to rule the city of Boji for several centuries. Gurgun was also the king of Boji, and he was so powerful he was able to change the city into a fortress, and he was also able to capture the city’s most famous animal, a boji arapesh.

The arapesh is an anaconda, which is basically a dog from the desert, so it might sound pretty bizarre, but really it’s not. He’s a dog that has the ability to be invisible to the human eye, and it’s said that he can actually read people’s thoughts, which is why it’s important for the arapesh to be able to hear and understand you.



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